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At Freedom Requires Wings, we are dedicated to bringing you the most visually pleasing, easy-to-use interface to add to your reading experience. To get the best out of our site, we recommend using either Firefox, Chrome or Safari to view our content. If you are using one of these browsers, please try refreshing the page or trying again later. If problems persist, please help us fix it for you by sending us a screenshot to support.

Solution: Download and use Firefox, Chrome or Safari to view our content. We find that these (especially Firefox) are the best and fastest browsers when surfing the web in general and you can get a better user experience out of most websites than with Internet Explorer for example. An estimated 8% of our readers use Internet Explorer and our readers are majoritarily on Firefox, Chrome or Safari so we don't see the need to go through the extensive hassle of trying to get a website to work in IE. I'm sure the web designers amongst you understand our pain.

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